Duration: 5-8th of May

Early fee: 165EUR (till 16.03)

Late fee: 180EUR (till 01.04)

Registration closes on the 5th of April

Registration form.


01 May 2011
We´re expecting to be warm and sunny during the NCM!
By warm we mean about 15 Celcius degrees.
However, as we´re planning a BBQ party, please take some warm clothes cause nights are still cold ;-)

28 Apr 2011
When you arrive we will meet in EMSA Headquarters ;-)
Check how to find us ;-) CLICK!

8 March 2011
You´re welcome on our facebook site and event! ;-)
There are fee payment details published as well ;-)

28 Febr 2011
We´ve made a little change of the price, which you should love :) We´ve lowered the fee by 35 euro!

23 Febr 2011
The registration is up and running! You can start registering! Yuppie! :D

04 Febr 2011
We´re proud to annouce that the website of the NCM 2011 Warsaw is up!
All the necessary information will appear soon ;-)
For now, we invite you to check the agenda and the venue. I guarantee, you´ll be astonished and delighted.

Contact: webmaster@emsa.waw.pl
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