Duration: 5-8th of May

Early fee: 165EUR (till 16.03)

Late fee: 180EUR (till 01.04)

Registration closes on the 5th of April

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EMSA Warsaw

Our FMO was established in 2004 by a few students that wanted to join the EMSA community. Since this time, we have been always very motivated and creative team. Many projects have been established here: For example:

Transplantations - within this project we try to promote the idea of transplants by posters, movie shows, meetings with the doctors and patients. We also organize some events, like bone marrow donors collection.

Kultularnia - in direct translation: "a coffee house with the culture". Within Kultularnia, we try to promote culture and make it more accessible for the students. They can publish their poems or photographs on the website or win free tickets to the cinema, theatre or opera.

We also organize some workshops, events, parties and meetings for our students. Besides of that, we are friends, keeping close relations with each other instead of differences in personality. This diversity might be the strongest point. And now, our team works hard to organize the best NCM we only can. We hope to meet your expectations!

Contact: webmaster@emsa.waw.pl
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