Duration: 5-8th of May

Early fee: 165EUR (till 16.03)

Late fee: 180EUR (till 01.04)

Registration closes on the 5th of April

Registration form.

In case you experienced any problems or needed any help, don´t hesitate to ask any of OC members ;-)

If your problems are technical or related to registration process, please contact Paweł, the webmaster
(webmaster @ emsa.waw.pl).

For invitational letter, write to Ania Gilbert (anna.gilbert @ emsa.waw.pl)

Ania Sawicka (anna.sawicka @ emsa.waw.pl) is responsible for invoices and registration process supervision.

In other cases, please contact Patryk (patryk.kiljan @ emsa.waw.pl)
Contact: webmaster@emsa.waw.pl
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