Duration: 5-8th of May

Early fee: 165EUR (till 16.03)

Late fee: 180EUR (till 01.04)

Registration closes on the 5th of April

Registration form.

First of all we would like to invite you to the Opening Ceremony which will take place in Polish Academy of Science. Delicious food and old noble surroundings in friendly atmosphere will be an official introduction for this great event - The National Coordinators´ and Enthusiasts´ Meeting.

After the hard work which will appear during the second day of workshops we planed for you Delicious Polish Night. Barbecue and Campfire with Polish special food and with our national entertainment music is waiting for you! We would love to share with you with our goods!

The NCM meeting can´t be the same without European Village Party! Prepare properly it seems to be amazing party.. as always: (bring your sweets!)

Last day in our beautiful country... We´re also planning something special for you before leaving! Sightseeing of our capital - Warsaw will be the last part of our meeting. Don´t worry about your heavy luggage. You can leave it in EMSA Warsaw HQ which in the city center. What exactly.. you will see ;-) Well, it is a great surprise!

Contact: webmaster@emsa.waw.pl
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